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    Biden backs Harris, pushes Supreme Court ‘reform’ in ‘pass the torch’ speech about ending 2024 bid
    President Biden addressed the nation Wednesday evening for the first time since bowing out of the 2024 presidential race, saying it’s time to pass …
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    i make videos
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    It’s always darkest just before the dawn. MARRIED.. No Dms.
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    I'm okay with being the object of scorn from morons. You can listen every day live 12pm to 3pm ET at https://t.co/z5iJYkil7F
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    Kamala Harris closer to being nominee as DNC approves early virtual roll call vote
    The convention rules committee approved an early August timeline, leaving a small window for any Harris challengers.
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    White House condemns anti-Israel protests over Netanyahu speech
    “Identifying with evil terrorist organizations like Hamas, burning the American flag, or forcibly removing the American flag and replacing it with …
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    Pelosi: Netanyahu’s Speech ‘by Far the Worst’ by a Foreign Leader
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Wednesday was “by far the worst” given by a foreign leader, says former House Speaker …
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    Proud 🌾 Albertan & 🍁 Canadian. Wife. Dog Lover 🐶 Honoured to be the MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat & Alberta's 19th Premier.
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    Patriot rescues fragment of Old Glory as pro-Hamas agitators burn American flag in viral video
    A viral video on X shows an anonymous man rescuing an American flag from the flames of a pro-Hamas agitator demonstration.
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    Father of two girls. Traveling the world to expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition. Donate: https://t.co/DN4D6NANIM